Real Stages of Grief

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Real Stages of Grief

Many people are familiar with the five stages of grief but Will Meek Ph.D. published on the website the reasons why that is not exactly up to date information and analyses therefore the ‘real stages’ of grief.

He starts by stating “the most important of these is that grief is a) a highly individualized process , b) has no specific timetable, and c) many people find that their lives are better after going through grief, due to something referred to as "post-stressgrowth".” With that in mind, even the individual grief can be already divided to two categories acute or prolonged grief. Therefore, it becomes clear, there is much more stages than five. He also differentiates between relationships that end or a relationship in which one side passes away.

In general, what applies to all cases, what can you do to make someone feel better and help them with their grief? Here Will Meek offers following solutions, I hereby quote:

1. Express condolences and sympathy
2. Ask them about the circumstances of the loss
3. Check in on them rather than waiting for them to reach out
4. Make plans to get together
5. Give hugs when they are in pain
6. Avoid saying the person should be "strong"
7. Avoid minimizing by suggesting it is "for the best"

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