Recreating The Memory

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Recreating The Memory

Losing a loved one is always painful. It is even more tragic if it takes along your wife or husband, and most unfortunate if an unborn child is also lost. There are different ways to deal with the loss. Hereby two stories of people who have found a way to honor the memories - through a photoshoot.

These two stories are two years apart, as the first one was published nearly two years back in website. It is about Ben Nunery, who lost his wife to cancer and was left raising a beautiful daughter on his own. Together they decided to recreate the wedding pictures, which were first taken with his wife. Ben and his daughter posed together in same places but different positions, making new memories and honoring the old ones. You can see their photos at the original source :

The second story is also very unfortunate, as Rafael Del Col lost his wife in an accident and a life of an unborn baby as she was pregnant at the time. He also together with his beautiful daughter decided now 3 years after the accident to take photos. On the photos his daughter is helping to recreate the exact photos he had taken with his wife before the tragic event. You can see the lovely photos of that memory photoshoot here:

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