The Coffin Calendars

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The Coffin Calendars

The Italian company Cofani Funebri, made a calendar to promote their coffin sales. Nothing wrong about it, but what makes it more strange is their marketing tool. As in the end coffins seem to play only a sidekick part next to half naked girls. Yes, naked girls and coffins.

The idea apparently works well as death being a taboo and not selling so well on its own. On the other hand we all know half naked girls are used in marketing for almost any product, without any connection.
It must be working well also for the coffin company, as Polish company Lindner has also used this idea. The Italians seem to be either stopped or under construction if to look at their website. But for the Polish it has become a tradition, already the 7th year that they release such a calendar.

For the Poland version, you can see the previous numbers and few photos of the latest 2016 calendar. The style for the 2016 calendar is Retro. Black and white photos that have been painted by hand for the unique look.
See it here


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