The Leafcocoon

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The Leafcocoon

The LeafCocoon is an alternative to traditional coffin. The material choice is also quite surprising, it is made of wool. All the materials used are ethnically sourced, biodegradable, organic when available and taking into account the local material possibilities.

At their website they offer two versions, I hereby quote:
“The Leafcocoon has two extra covers over the shroud, one is secured with hand-made hazel wood toggles, the other is a hand decorated or plain, removable cover.

The Leafpod is a simpler version. The basic construction is the same as the Leafcocoon, as described below, but without the two extra covers: it is a leaf-themed shroud securely held on the strong base.

The Leafcocoon and Leafpod are effectively complete coffins, nothing else is needed. The thickness and layering of the wool felt creates a smooth outline – you do not see the outline of the body. Designed with natural burial in mind as this is environmentally benign. It may be used in some crematoria. Hand-made on Dartmoor, Devon UK.”

Watch here a video of the construction of a Leafcocoon

More information can be found at

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