The World United For Life - Mongolia

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The World United For Life - Mongolia

In 2012, ALPAR celebrated the first version of ‘LATINAMERICA UNITED FOR LIFE’ . Due to the outstanding results accomplished during this event, ALPAR invited FIAT-IFTA to make this a world event; therefore, in year 2013 the event was renamed ‘THE WORLD UNITED FOR LIFE’ and it was celebrated in countries beyond our continent like New Zealand, South Africa...

Since then each year on August 23rd “The World United for Life” has been celebrated all around the world. This year for the first time, The Mongolian Funeral Association introduced “The World United for Life” event, which was held at The National Park in Mongolia.

A lovely video overview was sent to FIAT-IFTA, you can see it here below

"The World United For Life" day celebration in Mongolia.


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