Youngest Cryogenically Preserved Person

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Youngest Cryogenically Preserved Person

The youngest cryogenically preserved person is just 2 years old. The small girl Einz, lost her battle for life sadly to brain cancer. She is a daughter of two medical engineers, who wanted to use the best what science has to offer.

There have been mayor steps of improvement in cryogenically preserving humans, which gives some hope. Yet, it is hard to tell if reaching the state where people can actually be cured and bought back to life is reachable in few hundred years or 30 or if it is not feasible at all.

The company that is taking care of the cryogenically preserving people is Alcor, for them Einz is the 134th patient. The patients are preserved at -196 degrees Celsius.
You can see the BBC news video interview with her father here below:

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