International Funeral and Cemetery Fair NECROEXPO

The 8th International Funeral and Cemetery Fair NECROEXPO - Poland and Central and Eastern Europe's most important funeral event.  2017's expo facts and figures - this year it has brought together as many as 111 companies from 12 countries which used 2,700 metres of exhibition space. The expo hosted 1,900 visitors.

The exhibitors list included companies from Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Pakistan, the Netherlands, the USA, Hungary, Romania, Austria, Russia, Spain and Poland. An impressive range of hearses was on show - 24 new models from world-famous brands such as Jaguar, Mercedes, Citroen, Peugeot, Fiat, Volkswagen, Ford and Melex. There was also a vintage, electric-powered hearse. Many of the models on display were sold during the expo. Poland's only Stock Exchange of Used Hearses and Electric Vehicles also generated an avid interest.

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