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BE Assistance International Repatriation

BE Assistance Agency is known by its leadership in preparing and charging the corpses to original homeland since 2005 in Egypt . The company is expanded to deal with insurance companies in Europe , embassies, and specified medical services companies. The company is featured by the maximum speed in preparing, charging corpses. We offer our knowledge and experience in repatriation services all over the world wherever the deceased is and wherever the homeland destination is. We are responsible for home delivering caskets secured as we work with high effort and cheap prices.

Be Assistance Agency is experienced professionals, understanding the needs of the family and the friends of the bereaved.
We know how important it is to the family to have the opportunity to be able to show their love for the deceased and to be able to create a service that will reflect the life of that special loved one.
Funeral case management,
Following bureaucratic procedures with the local authorities,
Obtaining and translating death certificates and other documents
Preparation of the body for international repatriation / embalming by pathologists,
Necessary arrangements to accommodate religious denominations
Liaising with the collaborator on documents, procedures and timing of repatriation,
Arranging alternative flights and/or arranging transportation to and from the airports. for any relatives or friends travelling with the deceased.

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