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HONG YUAN HILLS SDN BHD is a scenic memorial garden fulfilling the world’s new generation cemetery standard of cultivating of body, mind, religion, virtue, cemetery, columbarium and ancestors tablet, promoting the development of tourism and bringing in vitality and business opportunities for locals in the blessed land of Kluang, Johor.
Kluang, in Malay words, literally means bat.

In Chinese culture, bat is a symbol of good fortune. HONG YUAN HILLS is one of the few accumulating-virtue treasured lands in Malaysia.

Our mission is to establish an international brand of an environmental friendly high-tech feng shui memorial garden.

We uphold the fine tradition virtues of five thousand years Chinese culture; benevolence, righteousness, loyalty and filial, in order to build a private memorial garden in a scenic landscape cemetery.

We have professional Feng shui consultancies advising the planning and design of the memorial garden and professional life-planning managing teams to provide complete and congenial life-planning services to public.

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