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National Environment Agency - Singapore

NEA carries out exhumation programmes in phases at the Choa Chu Kang (CCK) Cemetery, the only active burial ground in Singapore. This is done in accordance with the New Burial Policy, introduced by the government in 1998 to combat land scarcity by limiting the burial period to 15 years. Depending on one's religious requirements, the exhumed remains may be cremated and put into a columbarium or be re-interred. We introduced the Crypt Burial System (CBS) in 2007 to improve the traditional soil burial system and optimise land use. Designed with the sustainability of future generations in mind, it is projected that the CBS can address Singapore’s burial needs and extend the cemetery land usage. Find out more about CBS here. Licensing and Regulation We are also the licensing authority for funeral parlours with embalming facilities and crematoria. Those interested in operating a funeral parlour with embalming facilities can access the downloadable application form in our website

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