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Deaths abroad
When a Dane dies abroad, the relatives, as the first, must contact the deceased's travel insurance, the costs of the transport can be covered from here.

The local authorities fill in the death certificate, and the local guardian takes care of the official papers and the contact with the Danish embassy or the Danish consulate. The embassy or consulate helps the relatives with advice and guidance on home transport of coffin or urn.

Subsequently, relatives must contact an undertaker in Denmark who will be ready to receive the coffin at the airport. We make sure to plan any celebration together with the relatives. It is important that the repatriation of the deceased takes place according to Danish rules.

Several weeks may pass from the death, until the deceased arrives in Denmark. We make sure to keep the relatives informed during the whole process.

When we are told that the coffin arrives at the airport (Kastrup or Billund), we pick up the coffin and all the documents that come with it. Then we drive to the hospital and put the deceased in a Danish coffin and do the deceased. It is important that the relatives have the opportunity to take a final farewell to their loved ones before the ceremony takes place. Foreign coffins must not be used in Denmark for environmental reasons. We make sure that the foreign coffin with zinc inlay is subsequently destroyed.

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