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AIRS -All Ireland Repatriation Services

All Ireland Repatriation Services
All Ireland Repatriation Services (A.I.R.S) are a team of dedicated professionals who will act in a dignified and efficient manor to ensure that all repatriation requirements are fulfilled and completed with the utmost of care and satisfaction.

We at A.I.R.S believe that it is a privilege to be asked to take care of the arrangements for the final journey of your loved one and are dedicated in providing a compassionate and caring service for the deceased and supporting you and your family.

Our experienced team will work with you to put in place the arrangements that you require, including the preparation of all the legal documentation and governmental/consulate liaison. On your behalf we will work with the funeral directors in whichever country to ensure a smooth transit of your loved one throughout the journey.

We offer a fully bespoke, caring service to families wishing to repatriate their loved one to or from Ireland & Northern Ireland.

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