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GLÓRIA s.r.o.

Funeral Service GLÓRIA p. r.o. in Prešov was founded as a family funeral service and has been operating on the market for the second decade.
As the first private funeral service in the territory of Prešov and the whole region began to provide COMPLETE FUNCTIONAL SERVICES, which means ensuring everything necessary from the initial operations, ie. transporting the deceased from the place of death, adjusting, dressing the deceased, furnishing official documents, mourning announcements, flower gifts, digging the grave to the burial itself and closing the grave site.
We endeavor to simplify the preparation of the last farewell to the deceased in every respect and to provide complete funeral services on a professional level.
We bet on a good reputation and a name that our company has built up during its existence. The seriousness of the moment and the dignity in contact with the survivors, the correct treatment of the remains of the deceased, that is all in the first place. From details such as clothing and finishing of workers to technical equipment of the company. The specificity of our work in this area is the requirement for employees who can show respect, compassion and dignity.

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