In memoriam of Mr. AKINORI MATSUI

Japan | Asia | January 19, 2018

Passing Away on January 19, 2018 of:


President Japan Funeral Directors Cooperation
全日本葬祭業協同組合連合会 (全葬連)

FIAT-IFTA 1st Vice President

On behalf of the Honorary Presidents: Bill Hocker (USA) and Dirk van Vuure Sr. (The Netherlands) and the FIAT-IFTA Board Members I would like to convey our sincere condolences to his family and next of kin.

After the 7th FIAT-IFTA Convention, April 2002 in Kyoto - Japan, the then FIAT-IFTA President Jiro Yoshida was succeeded by Akinori Matsui as I.C.D. Delegate for the All Japan Funeral Directors Cooperation. We all have noticed the great energy Mr. Matsui has put in his work for the FIAT-IFTA Federation. Together with his lovely wife Etsuko Matsui, he has attended all FIAT-IFTA events since he became involved in the FIAT-IFTA Federation.

At the 12th FIAT-IFTA Convention, May 2012 in Dublin – Ireland, Mr. Matsui was elected and nominated FIAT-IFTA 3rd Vice President. In the Board he has proven to be an honest executive who has operated with great integrity during the procedures of the implementation of the new Constitution and Bylaws of FIAT-IFTA.

It is with perseverance that he performed the task to develop and implement the FIAT-IFTA Funeral Exchange Program that will be fully deployed in this year. With great care he monitored personally in September 2017, the first Pilot Session of this ambitious Exchange Program.

We all are extremely sorry that a few months before his inauguration as FIAT-IFTA President 2018 – 2020 Mr. Akinori Matsui has deceased. He will be remembered for his sense of tradition in funeral services, his managing capacities and his gentle way of communication in the FIAT-IFTA Board meetings.

Teresa Saavedra Andrade – Bolivia

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