FIAT-IFTA the World Organization of Funeral Operatives

FIAT-IFTA is the only internationally governed Funeral Federation with National, Active and Associate Members in more than 80 countries.


International Secretariat

  Oude Enghweg 14        
  1217 JC Hilversum  Tel: + 31 35 737 08 29    
  The Netherlands Email: Web:


FIAT-IFTA National, Active and Associate Membership



    1. To comply with the FIAT-IFTA Constitution and Objectives
    2. To support FIAT-IFTA activities and policies
    3. To accept the FIAT-IFTA International Code of Ethics



  1. Annual meeting of the National Members and occasional program for all Members
  2. Biannual FIAT-IFTA Convention and Conference in the President’s country
  3. Free entry and own company page on the in 2014 renewed website
  4. THANOS Magazine - Information on global developments and innovations in funeral business
  5. FIAT-IFTA E-letter providing an international update
  6. Immediate contact with Members in 83 countries
  7. Largest international repatriation and supplier’s network
  8. FIAT-IFTA International Address and Data Change Service
  9. Full coverage of all international exhibitions. FIAT-IFTA information desk at most international exhibitions
  10. FIAT-IFTA is the only internationally operating and governed Funeral Federation granted with the NGO status UN ECOSOC and UNESCO.


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