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FIAT-IFTA Members are connected to biggest network of Funeral Operatives worldwide.

Apply for FIAT-IFTA Active Membership and expand your network to enhance global exposure of your services. FIAT-IFTA is your unique international partner in the world of funerals services.

Active Member

In the event that a country does not have a National Member in the Federation, any funeral service firm in that country may apply to become an Active Member of the Federation and represent that country until such time as that country has a National Member in the Federation. In addition, state or provincial associations that are affiliated with a National Member may apply to become an Active Member of the Federation.

  • Attendance all I.C.D. Meetings
  • Listing in the FIAT-IFTA Members Directory. Display of your corporate information integrated in our global network
  • Global Funeral Information through: Thanos Magazine, Funeral Expo Service, Address and Data Change Service

€ 600,- Annual membership fee

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FIAT-IFTA is the only internationally governed funeral Federation with National, Active And Associate Members in more than 80 countries.

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