Afbeelding 115

Dear reader,

This website is presented to you by the members of the FIAT IFTA Heritage Committee. The Committee was formed on the initiative of FIAT IFTA in order to draw attention to the many impressive traditions, buildings and artifacts that still exist in relation to death, funerals and bereavement. We are of the opinion that they are worth to be preserved for future generations.

In conjunction with the forming of the committee, the International Association of Funeral Museums (IAFM) was founded. The many funeral museums and collections in the world can play an important role in the preservation, explanation and scientific studies, concerning the topic of funeral heritage.

We hope that this initiative will raise the interest of those active in the funeral profession, but also in governmental and non governmental organizations, charged with world wide heritage conservation. In any case, we hope that you will enjoy reading our heritage report and the committee would be happy to answer your questions or listen to your comments and advise.

logo_iafmHenry J. Keizer,
Chairman FIAT IFTA Heritage Steering Committee
President IAFM

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