Funeral Heritage Report

FIAT-IFTA IAFM Heritage Reports

We hope that you will enjoy reading our heritage report and the committee would be happy to answer your questions or listen to your comments and advise.

Hertiage Report 2014 Content

  • Music: Funeral Heritage in Latin America
  • Traditional Funeral Music
  • History of Funeral Biscuits
  • Carved Grave Markers - Hungarian Symbols
  • Mongolian Open Air Sacrificial Burial
  • Restoration of the Coffin Fittings Works
  • Historical Funeral Practices And Rite
  • San Francisco - Green Street Mortuary Band
  • The Jazz Funeral
  • Dogon Culture: Ritual Funeral Music
  • Professional Mourning
  • Feasts: Funeral Heritage In Latin America

Hertiage Report 2012 Content

  • Music for Death and Mourning
  • Held in Perpetual Memory
  • History of Cremation in France
  • Vienna Funeral Museum
  • Rituals to Remember
  • Collection Horse-Drawn Hearses
  • Memorial Concerts Novosibirsk
  • Museum of Funerals
  • Glasnevin Cemetery Museum
  • A Living Museum
  • Jade Masks of the Mayas
  • Survey Page - Funeral Museums and Collections

Hertiage Report 2010 Content

  • Shanghai Funeral Museum
  • Kuratorium Deutsche Bestattungskultur
  • Novosibirsk Museum of Funeral Culture
  • Shanghai Humanism Memorial Museum
  • Musée Funéraire National Paris
  • Dia de Muertos Mexicoa
  • ALPAR Resolution August 2010
  • Charter of Global Funeral Heritage
  • Constitution
  • Survey Page - Funeral Museums and Collections
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