The Funeral Fair emerged with the objective of promoting and adding knowledge in the Mourning Segment. In 2022 the 8th edition of Feira Funerária Brasil was focused on FAMILIES, exchange, information, culture and good business. It was a great success with innovation and new technologies, such as virtual wake, themed wake rooms with 4D technology, hologram at the farewell ceremony and sensory rooms.
In 2022 the fair had a wide exhibition structure, an auditorium with more than 500 people, with lectures and mini-courses. In addition to 80 exhibitors and the participation of more than 2000 visitors, with an art exhibition, show and book launch.

In 2023, through a collaborative partnership between SINDINEF-BA and Feira Funerária Brasil, will jointly hold meetings with the target audience formed by entrepreneurs from large, medium, micro and small companies in the segment, professionals in the area, employees and service providers.

In 2024, on the 15th, 16th and 17th of May 2024 the 9th edition of FEIRA FUNERÁRIA BRASIL will take place in first capital of Brazil, the city of Salvador. In new Convention Center we will hold the bonds of friendship, good business, appreciation of knowledge through experiences and techniques. Innovation is already part of the event, in addition to adding through eye-to-eye contact between companies, suppliers, partners and society as a whole. Demystifying the segment and the event with culture, entertainment presentations and book launches. In this way, this event is very useful to society as a whole, which, when needing the provision of these services, will be available to carry out them, more qualified and prepared companies for the virtuous mission that is the provision of the Funeral and Cemetery Service in the country.


Dates : 15th -17th May 2024
Location: Convention Center, Salvador, BRASIL
E-mail: contato@feirafuneraria.com.br 
Website: https://feirafuneraria.com.br/ 

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