In 2023, Varna (Bulgaria) will host the 52nd FIAT-IFTA I.C.D (International Council of direction) as well as the meeting of the Union of the Funeral Companies in Bulgaria on the occasion of their 30th anniversary of the establishment of the organization. It is certainly a significant milestone in the history of the Bulgarian Association and its contribution to the funeral industry in the Country.

The meeting will once again be a great opportunity for FIAT-IFTA and UFCB members to gather together and exchange knowledge and experience.

The FIAT-IFTA meeting will focus on the latest developments of the organization, funeral heritage as well as the education project.

In addition to the UFCB and FIAT-IFTA meetings, a conference will be held for the exchange of knowledge where we can learn from industry experts. The conference will explore new leads within the funeral Industry to help our businesses and ultimately the families we serve.

All this will take place in the beautiful city of Varna where the Bulgarian organization is preparing a great experience with wonderful Bulgarian hosting for all those attending.

The deadline for registration is May 1, 2023.

Early bird - register before March 31 and get a discount.


Dates: 7th -9th June 2023
Location: International Hotel Casino &Tower Suites, Varna, Bulgaria

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