VI Simposio Internacional de la Industria Funeraria

In its VI International Symposium, ALPAR invites the Cemetery and Funeral Home Industry to "get out of the box", a way of expressing the growing need to seek other approaches, think differently, from a new perspective to find alternative solutions, explore paths, generate innovative ideas and make changes in the processes that are carried out, in order to be more productive and more creative, thinking beyond conventional ideas.

This event, organized by ALPAR, has established itself as the space par excellence to bring together in Latin America delegates from the main world associations and industry leaders representing more than 20 countries, with an enriching agenda for the exchange of knowledge, experiences and cultures.

The Symposium has toured several Latin American countries: Brazil (2015), Guatemala (2016), Dominican Republic (2017), Uruguay (2019), Mexico (2021) and now Panama, will welcome you, in its capital, a modern city. framed by the Pacific Ocean and the Panama Canal, a work that began to transform the planet more than a hundred years ago, how can your way of seeing the Industry be transformed after living this experience with ALPAR.

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