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FUNERAL SUPPORT Services Co. Ltd. provides support for Funeral Professionals.
We are a fully independent company licensed under IFSA providing embalming, cosmetics, dressing, restoration and repatriation of human remains. We also provide embalmers for funeral companies who don’t have sufficient staff.
Many funeral professionals and consumers in Japan do not know about the benefits of embalming or restoring human remains for viewing during the otsuya (visitation) and funeral services. Our goal is to help funeral companies provide a complete service to their families where the families can have a memorable tribute to their loved ones. We realize that there is a delay before cremation in some areas due to the full schedules at crematoriums so we believe that embalming is a beneficial addition to the funeral service.
By having embalming, families can be comforted to know that their loved ones can rest at home/temple or at the funeral hall in a suitable condition without the worry of odor or advanced decomposition. The deceased is treated during embalming so there is no longer a worry about contagious diseases spreading to other family members. Embalming can also restore the deceased to a more natural condition when physically affected diseases or accidents have occurred. We also have native english speaking staff who can assist when a deceased needs to be repatriated to their home country.

Funeral Support Services was established by Robert Hoey, an IFSA (International Funeral Science Association) licensed embalmer and supervisor from Ottawa, Canada.
We have over 25 years of experience doing embalming in Japan as well as North America. Contact us directly for a consultation in Japanese or English on how we can help your company provide the best service to your families.

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