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Pulvis Art Urns

Founded almost a decade ago, Pulvis has endured as the ultimate symbol of luxury ceramic urns.Today, the vision of the brand is to prolong the idea of the founders by creating superb handmade urns for ashes, reviving exciting and emotional designs, pushing the limits of the factory by creating unique memorials with its signature contrasts, carrying out major innovation projects, crafting a unique Pulvis world dedicated to the people, working with renowned artists to produce limited editions in various materials and to recreate its cultural heritage.Pulvis Art Urns continues to thrive as a truly timeless brand.

The name Pulvis evokes the brilliance of ceramics, the wonder of design, and the radiance of glazes.Before it became a brand name, it was an idea of three friends who shared their creative flame. In their desire to create a product that makes a difference, Pulvis Art Urns supports the concept of a group of artists, ceramists and sculptors, who design and create models, which are far more than just traditional urns for ashes.

MANIFESTOWe believe in the immeasurable horizons of being.In our work we capture the intensity of spirit, the strength that comes after pain and loss.We are dedicated to the expression of the infinite, here, in our finitude.It is our mission to form sanctuaries that remind one of open horizons, of fragile human existence.Not as weakness, but as the very gift of life.Our art is a libation that gathers the sands of time, that protects memory and holds the gentle pulse of a loved one’s presence.We create Shapes of Spirit.

What we offer :

  • Handmade Urns for Ashes
  • Memorial Keepsakes
  • Pet Urns for Ashes

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