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Pohrebni ustav AURIGA spol s.r.o

AURIGA® Ltd. has operated all throughout the Czech Republic since 1991 and is an important funeral home. It provides complex funeral services all over the Czech Republic, as well as for funeral homes in Europe and all around the world. The company offers transport and international repatriations of the deceased in the Czech Republic and abroad. It is the only company in the Czech Republic to hold the French Habilitation and is therefore authorized to transport the deceased in France. In 2008 it was the first and only company to build a thanatopractice hall. After two years of studying, the company owners, as the only ones in the Czech Republic, obtained a diploma to perform hygienic treatment and embalming of the deceased. The company offers and provides namely the following services: - Funeral services all throughout the Czech Republic - Consulting in the funeral area for colleagues in the Czech Republic - Contact with state and public bodies - International repatriation from and to the Czech Republic - Assistance for partner funeral homes for advantageous prices - International repatriations of human remains after exhumation - Cremation of the deceased in the Czech Republic for advantageous prices for our partners - Sale of funeral goods - Hygienic treatment and embalming of the deceased International repatriations are secured by burial vehicles (throughout Europe, including the Asian part of Turkey) or by air (anywhere around the world). The company also takes care of all required documents and permits for the transport and burial. Transport of the deceased is provided both from the Czech Republic abroad and from abroad to the Czech Republic.

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