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Taastrup Bedemansforretning

Since 1969, the Baltzer family has run the funeral business in Taastrup with Birgit in the lead. For a number of years, Svend-Erik had previously driven Vanløse Ligkistemagasin (now: Vanløse Begravelsesforretning) together with his parents H.P. and Kirsten Baltzer.

The passion for helping the relatives to have a beautiful farewell continued in the third generation: Svend-Erik and Birgit's daughter-in-law, Jossie Vilma Baltzer, have since April 2012 driven the business.

H. P. Baltzer was co-founder of Danske Bedemænd Copenhagen's department in 1961, and contributed for many years to raising ethics throughout the industry.

Svend-Erik Baltzer was also deeply involved in the association work for many years and was among others Chairman of Danske Bedemænd and primus motor for the development of an industry-oriented IT-System, which is still widely used among the country's recruits.

Birgit Baltzer is a very well-known face among relatives. Over the years, she has held numerous positions of trust and chairmanship, most recently (2006-2012) as president of the European Federation of Funeral Services (EFFS).

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