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Bestattungen LICHTBLICK

We take care of the transfer of deceased to foreign countries or of those who died abroad back home on favourable terms.

We are maintaining contacts with German embassies, consulates general and honorary consuls on a European level. We therefore guarantee the reliable and proper execution of orders in compliance with international conventions (procuring all necessary documents).

Our contacts of long years with experienced forwarding agents who are working all over Germany on our behalf allow us to take care of deceased persons in every part of this country and to take them to any continent with qualified air freight forwarding agents.

Providing the prescribed coffins and preparing them for transfer
Dressing the deceased (taking into account the religious traditions)
Where required, an embalmment will be made
Procuring coroner’s certificates, death certificates
Attending to all prescribed formalities with embassies and consulates
Obtaining national and international death certificates
Application for a corpse transport permit
Coordination and reservation of flights
Arranging for flight tickets for accompanying the deceased during transfer
Cost accounting with insurance companies

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