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With our location in Nördlingen (Bavaria) we offer you a place that gives your grief space and time for a dignified and very personal farewell.

Alexander Wendel has been running the Stumpf Funeral Home in Nördlingen since 2017. Mr. Wendel is himself a master undertaker and thanatologist (embalmer) and has successfully completed his Master of Business Administration Funeral Service at the University of Barcelona.

From 1999 to 2016 Dietmar Schmieg managed the funeral home Stumpf in Nördlingen and the funeral home Schmidt in Neresheim.  Funeral Institut STUMPF has undergone major changes in all areas in recent years thanks to new vocational training and further training opportunities.

Our employees are also trained specialists and are constantly promoted by further training. The undertaker's job profile encompasses many specialist areas, in particular support and advice.

We have information material available and will be happy to advise you on questions relating to funeral provisions, living wills and death benefit insurance.

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