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ICELAND Funeral Services Ltd.

Iceland Funeral Services: Útfararþjónustan ehf
The company was founded in May 1990, by the families of Mr Rúnar Geirmundsson and Mr Birgir Finnbogason. From the beginning Mr Rúnar Geirmundsson has been the executive manager as well as the head funeral manager. His sons Mr Sigurður Rúnarsson Beck and Elís Rúnarsson also work there. They take care of all funerals, wakes and ceremonies on behalf of the company.

The office and main work area is in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavík. The company also services the rest of the country with contacts in all major villages.
The service provided takes care of everything that is necessary for a funeral. The company can prepare coffins to be sent over seas to any place in the world. If you have any need for service in Iceland please don’t hesitate to talk to us, we can give you any information and rate tables for our service.

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