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Hades Funeral Home ltd.

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE Death finds us in different situations and circumstances. It comes unexpectedly touching our coming in even the most remote corners of the world. It is therefore our duty, as the funeral is to ensure the safe transport of the body to the burial place of destination. Years of experience in this field has taught us how to efficiently carry out any formalities connected with the transport. We are thinking of the necessary permits, certificates or other kinds of documentation and submission to the required procedures. As one of the few in Poland, we are a member of FIATIFTA (World Organization of Funeral Services) and PSF (Polish Funeral Association), which greatly facilitates us to contact companies around the world, and also allows you to gain new valuable experience.

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FIAT-IFTA is the only internationally governed funeral Federation with National, Active And Associate Members in more than 80 countries.

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