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Zakład Przemysłu Drzewnego LINDNER

The tradition of working with wood in our company reaches back to the 1940's.In the year 2007 over 100,000 pieces of ready made coffins left our production lines. This not only gave us the best result in the country, but one of the best in Europe. We are continually developing, our production is constantly increasing and in the year 2008 we averaged 11,000 ready made coffins monthly. We realize that not only in the funeral business, but also in every other business, the important thing is to sell and not just to produce, that is why we have many customers not only in Poland, but also all over Europe. Our western neighbors are well familiar with the LINDNER brand and value the top quality of our coffins. We produce LINDNER coffins using the experience and knowledge acquired over many years, and because of such we can meet the high requirements of our customers. We have a rational price policy based on real production cost calculations. Our customers can be certain that coffin prices will not change overnight, and just like us they can plan long-term activities on the market. We do all this in accordance with traditional Polish reliability, workmanship and punctuality.

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