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Servilusa Agências Funerárias SA

In order to help raise the quality, transparency, professionalism and credibility of the sector, Servilusa has invested substantially in human and financial resources, including the ongoing training of its professionals.

Perform human and dignified funeral ceremonies that provide our customers, family and friends comfort in a difficult time.

Being an European reference, performing funerals.

Valuing the human condition is one of our main concerns. As well as professionals, we are all human and we know how these moments are extremely difficult for those in who seek us.

The death of someone dear to us is always a shock to the family and friends. Aware of this, Servilusa has the best professionals to provide the family a serene farewell and all support on this difficult time, while respecting the wishes of the deceased and all those involved, their beliefs, wills and desires, providing a ceremony with all dignity.

Because Servilusa has a strong sense of responsibility, we know that we should seek to exceed the expectations of our customers, our employees and the community through social responsibility. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Availability that allows us to always be ready to listen, support, accept and follow your case with a special attention.
Only with this strong sense of responsibility and commitment it is possible to establish a full-trust relationship between Servilusa and those in demand.

We only are what we are by ourselves putting in place of another. This perspective is present throughout the conduct of Servilusa, embracing different causes with our contribution towards.
Because the world is constantly changing, so Servilusa must have the ability to anticipate and adapt to new realities. Only this approach allows us to be able to permanently identify new needs that can improve, dignify and enhance the celebration of a funeral service.

Our professionalism begins within Servilusa. We are a reflection of skilled employees, motivated, who feel rewarded in their work. They are also trained and continuously updated employees who crave for challenges that put them to the test as professionals and human beings. This commitment and dedication makes us always ready to offer the most professional service for every customer.

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