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ASFUNCAT - Associació d’Empreses de Serveis Funeraris de Catalunya

The Guild of Entrepreneurs of Funeral Services of Catalonia was born in 1957 as a result of the union of all the entrepreneurs who at that time developed this activity  throughout  the Catalan territory.

Having its 50-year history and transformed into the Association of Funeral Service Companies of Catalonia (ASFUNCAT), the organization remains faithful to its founding commitments: rigor and professionalism in the sector. From our association we also want to promote the professional development of its members and the dialogue with the different administrations.

It currently includes more than 40 companies, both privately and publicly owned, representing 70% of those in the sector  throughout  Catalonia  and performing 90% of funeral services.

Asfuncat captures the constant and unequivocal will of the companies that are part of it, to provide a quality funeral service without ever losing the humane and close approach to the citizen. We are service companies and we want to be at the service of the citizen. It is from this service vocation that we represent a business sector, which in recent years in Catalonia has opted for professionalism and modernity, making strong investments that in many cases revert to the network of facilities in  our  cities.

We are founding and active members of the  Asociación Nacional de Servicios Funerarios (Panasef), as well as Foment del Treball Nacional and CECOT.

In 2023, Asfuncat has developed a communication project to enhance the recognition of funeral services. An awareness campaign that highlights the work of funeral service companies and facuses on the people who provide an essential service, with the aim that the public can understand our work. A reputational action without a commercial objective that, under the umbrella of ASFUNCAT, benefits the entire sector.

The result has been a short film that vindicates the work of the sector, explaining what we do and how we do it and, above all, why we are important to society.
The video "Orgullosos de ser, orgullosos de ser-hi” is subtitled in English and Spanish. 
To watch this film click on the link above or the picture below.


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