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Circle Corporation

Leading sustainable consultancy specialised in sustainable management and ESG within the funeral environment.

Circle Corporation is a consultancy specialized in sustainable management and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), with a cross-cutting focus on social, economic, and environmental sustainability criteria, also known as Triple Impact.

We specialise in the funeral sector, where we promote sustainability, circularity, and regeneration, ensuring a positive impact.

Our track record is defined by a strong commitment to the environment and a notable drive towards innovation, research, and sustainable development. We offer comprehensive support services, training, workshops, consultancy, and tailored solutions to companies in the funeral sector, ranging from large groups to SMEs and funeral product producers.

Our goal is for these entities to operate from sustainability and social responsibility, offering options for implementing Social Responsibility Plans, integrating sustainability principles into their Strategic Plans, or providing specific solutions aligned with the needs of our clients. Circle Corporatión is a hallmark of real sustainability pursuit, and our client portfolio reflects our dedication to continuous improvement.


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