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Rocamer SA

Brief description of our services
- national and international transfer services
- embalming and transitional conservation services
- thanatopraxy and thanaesthetic services
- tanatoria and crematorium services
- funerals for all types of religious and secular faith
- cremations
- burials
- documentation of all kinds related to the sector and all kind of insurances, including deaths.
- services to national and international insurance companies for the development of the funeral services of their clients
- personalization of coffins and urns



Mr. Rosendo Mercader Jimenez
Administrator and CEO GRUPOROCAMER
Tel.: +34 619 6324 66, e-mail:

Mrs. Candida Rodrigues Gozalbo
Funeral Director, European Sector Manager GRUPOROCAMER
Teaching Tanatopractor and Embalmer
Humanist celebrant (spanish/english/french and portuguese)
Tel.: +34 619 1964 37; e-mail:

San Pedro del Pinatar Central Office
Tel.: + 34 968 18 51 52
Mrs. Maria del Mar
Mr. Bruno 


In the Spanish Mediterranean, in the autonomous regions of Murcia and Alicante, with a large presence of CITIZENS OF ALL NATIONALITIES, activity in the death insurance group began in 1950.

The efficient and dynamic management of an insurance portfolio in all branches, especially death insurance, made ROCAMER GROUP quickly become a leader in the sector.

Supported by its leadership and prestige and also aware of the need of civil society to have offers of funeral home services, ROCAMER GROUP inaugurated the TANATORIO PILAR DE LA HORADADA facilities in 1982, Alicante, led by Mr. Rosendo Mercader Jimenez, administrator and owner.

In response to the growing demand for funeral facilities in accordance with the modernization and adaptation of funeral services and driven by word-of-mouth transmission of the excellence of its services, ROCAMER GROUP in 1992 opened the doors of its second, this time, TAANTORY and CREMATORY in SAN PEDRO DEL PINATAR, Murcia.

In 2004, ROCAMER GROUP, in addition to strengthening its presence in the insurance sector, put into operation the SAN JAVIER TANATORY-CREMATORY, Murcia, located in front of the Municipal Cemetery, in order to provide its clients with a more modern space, with more appropriate characteristics. to the new century, through the use of new technologies, which few Mortuaries in the region do not have even today.

With the development of its expansive project, it was in 2016 that the fourth FUNERAL HOUSE was inaugurated in SAN MIGUEL DE SALINAS, Alicante, its fourth undertaking of these characteristics.

Currently ROCAMER GROUP is strengthening its organization by incorporating management and technological innovations, which has served to recognize ITS EXCELLENCE IN FUNERAL SERVICES AND COMMITMENT TO FAMILIES (The first company in the sector in Murcia and the fifth in the world to obtain said certification) by AENOR, an entity dedicated to the development of standardization and certification in all industrial and service sectors.

ROCAMER GROUP makes available all its experience in insurance and funeral services, in order to be able to support people in such difficult times as losing a loved one.

ROCAMER GROUP has a highly trained team specialized in psychology and grief support that will help and make it easier to go through this delicate process and in the conditioning of the deceased.

The main objective of ROCAMER GROUP is to achieve inner peace for those who need help and comfort, through a service from moment 0 until well after its completion, solving all the needs raised by families.

Closeness and discretion are key to supporting them in the different stages of grief. ROCAMER GROUP takes care of everything, down to the smallest detail, since these are moments when every hand is appreciated.

ROCAMER GROUP offers comprehensive funeral services, from repatriations, transfers, personalized services tailored to its clients, document and legal management, grief support, before and after funeral services.

Among the different practices of comprehensive funeral services carried out by ROCAMER GROUP, special mention deserves thanatopraxy, with embalming, restoration, reconstruction and thanatoesthetic services, as well as ceremonies of all types, from secular ones directed and organized by qualified officiants in close collaboration with the family and friends, to attending and arranging any ceremony of any religion that their clients profess.

ROCAMER GROUP has four funeral homes, 2 crematoriums , three insurance offices, one in Torrevieja, Alicante, two in Murcia, located in San Pedro del Pinatar and San Javier and has agreements with its peers throughout Spain.

ROCAMER GROUP has family attendance service available 24/7, 365 days a year and has professionals who speak several languages, from English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and provides service to all foreign communities in the region.

Currently, the ROCAMER GROUP has two new projects in development.

A new Mortuary-Crematorium in Torrevieja, Alicante with the most new technologies, and the funeral service at sea with the acquisition of a Boat for the development of this new service and thus contribute a grain of sand to the modernization of our company and provide Families with an opportunity different from being able to say goodbye to your loved one.

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