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Sortem: A company that generates trust

Our fields of action focus on urns, accessories for remembrance, coffins, thanatopraxy and funeral training for professionals. For this reason, our main objective is to offer a trusted global distribution network where we can apply logistics solutions, new trends, and opportunities for all our national and international clients in the funeral market.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary team and a wide network of collaborators, we can accompany and offer innovative solutions for the funeral sector. At Sortem, we value innovation above all else.
For this reason, we make all our business efforts revolve around that idea which drives the philosophy of our team work.

We understand funerary innovation as a process that introduces novelties into elements which already exist in the services currently offered, in order to improve them or to create something totally new, but always sustainable. This is a path that has led us to be recognized with various awards which reinforce our commitment to innovation at international funerary and design fairs.

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FIAT-IFTA is the only internationally governed funeral Federation with National, Active And Associate Members in more than 80 countries.

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