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In order to meet the demand in the cremation industry, DFW Europe developed a total cremation installation in 1999. This resulted in the introduction of the DFW 4000 cremator in 2001, complete with filtration. In 2002 the highly advanced DFW 8000 was taken into operation. Because of the broad experience gained with these cremators it was decided in 2006 to develop the DFW 6000 cremator with a very efficient gas consumption and great ease of control due to an integrated automatic charging system.

DFW Electric presented
The DFW Electric was successfully presented to the cremation industry.
The DFW Electric was presented November 15th, 2018  in the presence of international clients, contacts and governments. A new chapter in the cremation industry has begun, namely one of sustainable energy use. With the arrival of the fully electrically operated DFW Electric, DFW Europe is able to produce any cremator regardless of the energy source available. 

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