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Pure Cremation Ltd

Our Direct Cremation service covers the whole of England and Wales. If you need our services now the total cost will be £1,195 and includes all the 3rd party fees. ================================================================== This price includes the following as standard: Transfer from a hospital or coroner's mortuary during working hours Placing in a suitable, simple coffin Transport to the crematorium in a suitable vehicle Cremation fees and doctors' fees where they apply Cremation at a time we choose with no funeral service at one of our network of crematoria (not your local crematorium). Please see the map on the Coverage Area page to see where they are located. You are welcome to be present at the committal if you wish for a modest additional cost. Return of the cremated remains (ashes) by hand within 28 days of the cremation. We've made it really simple to book a Pure Cremation, just call us on 0800 033 7737 and we'll take care of everything.

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