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Grupo Primaveras

Founded in 1972, Primaveras is recognized as one of the main funeral groups in Brazil, with national and international awards for services and attendance.

Headquartered in Guarulhos, it has its own complete structure to take care of everything in case of death. It comprises two park-cemeteries, funeral homes, wakes, crematorium, columbarium, Praça da Guarda for ashes, funeral assistance plan and support services for the bereaved.

Its entire team – approximately 280 employees – receives specialized training in bereavement for the best service, in addition to specialization in their areas of expertise. Thus, the farewell ritual becomes a gesture of love for those who left and support and healing for those who remain. It is a guarantee of care and support before, during and forever.

For Primaveras, cemeteries are places full of life and the preservation of stories. For this reason, it organizes a series of events and therapeutic activities throughout the year to encourage the expression of mourning and the celebration of memory. It organizes personalized farewells, with delicacy and respect for the feelings and desires of each family.

Its modern and comfortable facilities offer welcome and practicality to all who visit its spaces or experience a loss. With a focus on innovation, it always surprises with new solutions to support the bereaved, meaningful farewells and preservation of memory, such as the 5 Senses Wake, Praça da Guarda for ashes, the tent in honor of restrictive times, among others.

Welcoming customers in such a difficult time is an important part of the Primaveras mission. More than the important certifications and awards received over the years, the recognition of our customers, who trust us to take care of their families, in different generations, is very gratifying.

In 2022, we celebrate 50 years of our history with the stories and memories we preserve here.

Come meet us and learn more about our work.

In Primaveras, memory blooms!

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