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On the way to the century and a half of existence, MARTINELLI, a national company, of family origin, currently run by the great-grandchildren of its founder, has been accompanying the history of Uruguay and the City of Montevideo, serving the whole community.

Until 1904, MARTINELLI was installed in Yaguarón street next to the old Mercado de la Abundancia, then moved to Calle Canelones 1468, until in 1957 it was installed in its Central House of Canelones esq. Javier Barrios Amorin.

From carriages, first rental cars, private ambulances and vehicles for emergency medical services, armored, sanitary aircraft, radio-controlled units, funeral services, international transfers, sailing rooms, social security systems, Park Cemetery, Private Crematorium, up to modern and current Mercedes Benz fleet, owned by the Company, MARTINELLI has been innovating and incorporating efficient services with proven attention and quality.

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