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MacKinnon & Bowes Ltd.

Since 1966, MacKinnon and Bowes has built a reputation as the largest and most trusted provider of assistance to the funeral service profession across Canada. While our core business is still representing funeral providers from across Canada with transfers and removals, we have become known throughout our profession in Canada and the United States for our expertise in the repatriation of deceased people. Not only within North America, but to and from destinations around the world.

Our fleet of late model funeral vehicles staffed by trained and qualified professionals serves clients throughout south central Ontario with distinction. Our twenty-four hour telephone answering center represents funeral homes across Canada and the United States every night by providing a seamless extension to their own staff .

The Company’s success over the years is a testament to the enormous efforts of many dedicated service professionals over the years, some of whom are profiled on this site, people to whom I am grateful and with whom I am proud to be associated. Please call if we can be of any assistance or provide further information.

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