The World United by life 2021

September 20, 2021


This event is an initiative of ALPAR - Latin American Association of Cemeteries and Funeral Services - which invites the entire Cemetery and Funeral Industry to come together to celebrate life:

Now it is: A worldwide movement that unites the Cemetery and Funeral Industry on five continents to celebrate life. Since 2012, in more than 30 countries, companies and millions of people come together every year to celebrate life.


Ten years celebrating life have reaffirmed the importance of exalting the value of life, preserving the memory and remembrance of those who have already gone, motivating us to continue to gather the companies of the Cemetery and Funeral Industry so that, together with their user families, make different tributes of life.

Especially in 2020, a year that left us great learnings, the importance of memorialization when say goodbye to a loved one was confirmed and also the different tributes that our Industry can perform (in-person and virtually) to pay tribute to the life, generating greater closeness with families.

That is why in 2021, when we will celebrate the tenth edition of THE WORLD UNITED FOR LIFE, on Sunday, September 19, the invitation to companies is to unite and strengthen this important memorialization and continue celebrating life.


In 2012 ALPAR made the first version of "Latin America united by life", achieving a significant acceptance by companies at an international level. For the year 2013 we expanded the coverage and carried out "The world united by life". In 2014, 33 companies from 10 countries brought together millions of people through different activities, and in the 2015 version, in the four cardinal points of the planet, 32 thousand people joined, through different and emotional activities. An event in constant growth that each year adds more participating companies.


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