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September 17, 2023

Autumn issue of THANOS magazine

The new issue of THANOS magazine is now available to readers.
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In this issue we write about:

  • members News
  • summary of FIAT-IFTA Annual Meeting, which took place from 7-9 June 2023 in Varna, Bulgaria
  • new National Member from Croatia
  • supervised practical embalming workshop in Barcelona - last call for the first edition!
  • 20th anniversary of the UNESCO ICH Convention
  • “The world united for life” - a global movement, initiated by ALPAR
  • digitalization and new IT technologies in funeral industry
  • sustainability in the funeral industry - what we should consider as an industry to act in according to 17 Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs) and embrace the circular economy
  • elite group of FIAT-IFTA Active Members
  • calendar of funeral events in 2023 and first look at 2024

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