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Spain | Europe | August 9, 2022

The decision of coming back to Nature

Biodegradable and environmentally friendly urns

By Carlos Callizo Castro, SORTEM, Spain

Choosing a biodegradable urn is an ideal choice for an aquatic farewell or a garden cemetery due to the fact that they are designed to activate their biodegradability and thus decompose naturally when in contact with water or soil moisture.

Sortem´s range of biodegradable eco-friendly urns is a perfect alternative for families that prefer to keep the ashes of their loved one as well as those who may choose to scatter them or bury them in a special place, or simply dissolve them in water. The preservation of this type of ecological urns is simple. Our biodegradable urns are incredibly durable and only begin their decomposing process when they come into contact with soil or water. Thus, the family can decide when is the right time to perform their special farewell ceremony.

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