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Mexico | Latin America | December 15, 2023

CONAPSEF: A Historic Step in the Transformation of Funeral Services in Mexico

13th December, as a result of a vision aimed at collaboratively and effectively responding to the demands for changes from Mexican families and consumers in the funeral industry sector, a significant milestone has been achieved by organizing and establishing the National Commission for Prevision and Funeral Services of the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services, and Tourism of the United Mexican States (CONAPSEF). This entity brings together the leading providers and companies in the country's funeral pre-planning services, funeral services, and cemetery sectors.

This noteworthy achievement in funeral services in Mexico is collectively led by industry leaders and addresses fundamental aspects such as funeral assistance, pre-sales, supply chain, international transfers, cemeteries, and service provision. It pursues its purpose legally in the category, maintaining a clear focus on protecting families and their future peace of mind.

CONAPSEF is formally constituted as a legal commission within the Confederation of Chambers of Commerce of Mexico, ensuring the functionality and recognition of the funeral sector in the country's business ecosystem. This positions it as a crucial element of society, emphasizing the importance of goals centered on sustainable development, excellence, empathy, and emotional management. These principles are key pathways to place the funeral sector where it belongs in the future, within Mexico's public health chain. Moreover, a core objective will be the training of executives and personnel in the sector, involving the best universities and business schools.

This significant achievement for funeral services in Mexico was celebrated at the "Constituent Assembly" December 13, at 4:00 PM, at the headquarters of CONCANACO SERVYTUR, located at Balderas 144, Third floor, Centro, Cuauhtémoc, 06070. The event was attended by the President of the Confederation, Engineer José Héctor Tejeda Shaar, the Treasurer, Dr. Octavio de la Torre Stéffano, and the CEOs of major Mexican companies, a diverse group of prominent individuals in funeral services worldwide via video conference, as well as various personalities, entrepreneurs, presidents of international associations, and colleagues from Mexico and other countries.

Additionally, the appointments that will govern the Commission were announced. As President, we have the leadership of Mr. César Herrera Porcallo. In the position of First Vice President, we have Mr. Raymundo Alemán Cuellar, while Mr. Alberto Orvañanos Marín will serve as Second Vice President. Mr. Marcos Manuel Castro Ruiz will assume the role of General Secretary, and Mr. Marco Antonio Morales Sotarriba will be the Commission's Administrator. Mr. Andrés Burzaco Malo will represent the International Commission, and Mr. Héctor Marcelino Flores Hidalgo will be part of the Deontological Commission. Each and every one of them will contribute their experience and dedication to our fundamental objectives.

Also, CONAPSEF will assume representation of the sector in the International Federation of Thanatological Associations (FIAT-IFTA) and has appointed a commission representative to standardize operations systematically, aligning with practices in other countries.

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