Declaration President FIAT-IFTA and President ZENSOREN

March 27, 2020

Postponement of the 16th FIAT-IFTA Convention, Yokohama, Japan - June 22 to 24, 2020

In a joint declaration from the President of FIAT-IFTA Mr. Hiroshi KITAJIMA and the President of ZENSOREN Mr. Tokiaki ISHI have announced the postponement of the 16th FIAT-IFTA COnvention 2020.

At this event Members of both organizationw would have gathered to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of FIAT-IFTA - Global Funeral Federation and the 65th Anniversary of ZENSOREN -  All Japan Funeral Directors Cooperation.

See document: Letter Presidents FIAT-IFTA and ZENSOREN

Mr. Kitajima and Mr. Ishi wish to express their concern on the current global health and economic crisis and are convinced that, in all countries, Funeral Directors unite to assist the bereaved families of the Covid-19 victims. 

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