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Spain | February 24, 2023

Emotional First Aid Course

Grupo ASV Servicios Funerarios, member of FIAT-IFTA starts teaching society how to take care of mental health during the first edition of Emotional First Aid Course.

It will be taught (in Spanish) by the psychologist María Ros, specialist in anxiety disorders, self-esteem improvement and emotional education. This Emotional First Aid Course responds to one of the main commitments of the company's new Strategic Plan, which focuses on the Sustainable Development Goal centered on people's health and well-being.

The Emotional First Aid Course will help to understand and take care of one's own and others' mental health. It will be divided into five blocks:

  • "From self-knowledge to understanding"
  • "The universe of emotions"
  • "How to regulate thoughts"
  • "How to regulate emotions"
  • "How to help those who suffer".

"If it seems undeniable that a person needs time and resources to take care of their physical health when something is not going well, it should also seem undeniable when mental health is compromised. Without it, nothing else works. Mental health is the cornerstone of our life. From it derives our way of thinking, feeling and acting. Therefore, when we give it the necessary importance and care, we interpret the reality we live in a healthy way, we self-regulate our emotions, we relate adaptively with other people and we make healthy decisions" she adds.” explains Maria Ros, the psychologist who will be teaching the course. 

The duration of the course is five months (from February to June), as it is foreseen that the publication of the content will be offered on a monthly basis through a video of about ten minutes. This will be disseminated through ASV's Youtube channel and will be accompanied by an article in the blog "Apoyo al Duelo", in which all the detailed information will be available, and various publications with "tips" in social networks.The access is free.

  • Module 1 of the Course can be watched under the link

Once the content of the complete course is launched, it will be available in full and freely accessible through the Grupo ASV Servicios Funerarios website as a guide in PDF format to serve as a support as another resource offered by the company.

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