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Germany | December 15, 2022

Facing the Future

Standardized education is the way forward for the German Funeral Industry

By Stephan Neuser, General Secretary of the German Federal Association of Funeral Directors (BDB) and Dr. Simon J. Walter, Cultural Representative of the German Burial Culture Foundation, Germany

Education has always been a core interest of the German Federal Association of Funeral Directors (BDB). We believe that future challenges for our industry and our trade can only be met by educated and well-trained professionals. Therefore, we constantly strive to improve and expand educational opportunities – for young people joining the industry as well as for professionals who wish to refresh or broaden their knowledge. 

In No. 98 of THANOS Magazine, we were happy to share some of our thoughts regarding the fundamental importance of proper and clear-cut paths of education in the funeral industry. In this autumn issue, we would like to go into the details of our current system; our plans for the future; and our steps to facilitate and improve international exchange and cooperation.

Would you like to read the whole article please take a look in the autumn issue of THANOS magazine - you can read online at pages 26-29

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