FIAT-IFTA Board at MEMENTO 2018 Expo

Poland | Europe | December 18, 2018

FIAT-IFTA Board at MEMENTO Expo 2018

On the occasion of the 10th edition of the MEMENTO Poznan Funeral Exhibition 2018, newly elected FIAT-IFTA President Hiroshi Kitajima had agreed to convene with the Board in the historic Polish town. Just over one month after the successful and festive 15th FIAT-IFTA International Convention in Bolivia hosted by Past President Teresa Saavedra and ALPAR, it seemed to be the right moment to outline the future policies of the Federation.

Board Members and National Members from the Baltic States, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria have attended the opening ceremony of the MEMENTO Show that has now proven to be the leading event of the Middle and Eastern Europe funeral industry. More and more international suppliers have discovered the vast new Polish market.The coming two years President Kitajima and the Board together with all National Members will carry out energetically the FIAT-IFTA mission: "To advocate mortuary education, funeral product innovation, international programs and services to help members to enhance the quality of service to bereaved families in all countries".
FIAT-IFTA will focus on the implementation of legal support and advice on the introduction and functioning of burial laws.
The FIAT-IFTA Exchange Program has assisted funeral professionals to have a three week stage abroad.

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