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August 28, 2022

Gadgets - they “speak” for your company

By Marta Cała-Sturzbecher, founder of MOMA Marketing Strategy Agency


The trade fair season is underway and many entrepreneurs, taking advantage of the renewed opportunity to meet, will attend industry events to attract new customers or partners, gain contacts or check what companies have to offer. Trade fairs are also an opportunity to supply the company with new gadgets. The only problem is: what to choose in a maze of offers and possibilities?


One of the functions of marketing is to build a company's relationship with its customers by creating positive customer experiences. These experiences are related to what customers will retain from their encounters with your company. It can be a cool gadget that will remind them of your company name every time they use it. However, sometimes the gadgets end up in the waste bin right after a meeting has taken place.

  • Do gadgets have to cost a lot?
  • How do you make a gadget stay with your client for longer?
  • Are there gadgets that everyone must have?

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