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Spain | November 30, 2022

It is time for change. It is time to learn

Sortem´s international training for the funeral profession

By Carlos Callizo Castro, SORTEM, Spain


In an ever-changing world, the international funeral industry is no stranger to the changes that are gradually cementing around the bereavement process.

The range of funeral products and services currently available on the market has expanded enormously, resulting in a shift from a standardized manufacturing process to a more personalized, custom-made production system. Companies in the industry are now working within an international setting, having thus to face previously unknown competition, as well as being required to adapt and evolve to keep abreast with a fast-paced environment.

As a result of these initiatives, new funeral industry-oriented concepts have emerged. And in this context, training and continuous education is paramount, not only to adapt to change, but also to renew the knowledge and skills of the existing human capital in order to target these emerging needs. Regular knowledge updating is necessary for different reasons: because of competitiveness, as a means of contributing to professional development and to upgrade and build skills, ultimately leading to an increase in motivation.

The integration of new skills and training areas that are of a particular interest to all professionals operating in the international funeral sector is one of Sortem's most defining characteristics. Sortem proposes these training actions with a very strong user-oriented hands-on approach. A clear example of this are our top-of-the-range Thanatopraxy training courses, exclusively aimed at funeral professionals from all over the world. At Sortem, we have fully equipped premises in busy business hubs. Barcelona, Lisbon and Budapest are just some of the locations where first-rate embalming and restoration training is delivered to professionals from Italy, Denmark, Portugal, France, Spain, Chile and Colombia, among other countries.


Does your business require training in embalming and thanatopraxy techniques?

There is a wide range of training possibilities. Furthermore, the training format can be catered to suit the needs of each individual group or professional, with special conditions for companies linked to FIAT-IFTA. The main objective is that each participant implements what they have learnt in their own setting, adjusting their responsibilities accordingly.

All the members of the company's training team are active professionals of great international prestige who know the ins and outs and the day-to-day workings of the funeral sector. This is why the place has so much importance on field work throughout the whole development of the course. In a training course in Thanatopraxy real practice is of so much relevance. Practicing once and again with real cases is the only way to master the necessary techniques, complemented by specific training in cosmetology, thanatopraxy hairdressing, airbrushing and cadaveric reconstruction. This is the wow factor that Sortem brings to the funeral sector

For instance, Budapest is an exceptional opportunity to get to know one of the places where Tanatopraxy Practices can be carried out with real cases, in collaboration with trainers Antonio Navarro and Naiara Zugazaga from the Efecto Budapest school and the Novák Gergely facilities in Thanatopraxiai Társaság. A unique experience to practice embalming in an immersive way using real cases with the goal of putting techniques, equipment and products into practice.


In times of change, successful adaptation depends on the quality of the training received by funeral professionals.

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